10 Outrageous Science Experiments Happening Right Now

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10 Outrageous Science Experiments Happening Right Now

Laser Cloaking

One of the only ways we have to try and detect alien species that are living in the universe is to study the light spectrum that is given off when a planet passes by a star. This is likely the same method that other species would use to find us, therefore researchers at Columbia University are now developing a way to hide our presence. They are experimenting with a series of lasers that would effectively disrupt the spectrum and make it appear as if there was no life on Earth.

NASA’s Fire In Space

NASA is planning to carry out a fairly bizarre experiment on the International Space Station in May. Preparation began in March for the study, which will see astronauts on the facility setting a huge fire. Considering that the ISS is one of the most expensive things ever built, this is something of a strange move, though NASA is keen to understand how fire in a microgravity environment.

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