10 Outrageous Science Experiments Happening Right Now

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10 Outrageous Science Experiments Happening Right Now

William James Beal Germination Experiment

Another experiment that has been running for an extraordinarily long time, the William James Beal germination experiment is a study that is investigating how long seeds can remain dormant and still germinate when planted. Every 20 years, a buried bottle of seeds is taken and then the seeds planted to see if any grow, with the experiment set to last until 2100.

Rechargeable Bacteria Batteries

The past few decades have seen scientists attempt to create new forms of energy production as the problems with fossil fuels became well known. While much investment has been made into the likes of solar and wind power, scientists in the UK are working on an experiment to create a working battery using bacteria. This involves using various types of bacteria to generate and discharge electricity.


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