15 Most Tragic Celebrity Love Triangles

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Love can be so complicated sometimes. They say that it takes two to tango, but is three really a crowd? According to these celebrities, three means divorce or breakup, so yes, three is a crowd. Celebrities, just like all of us, make awful mistakes. They fall in love, they stop being in love, they forget to pay their bills… Okay, they dont worry about the bills, but the first two are definitely true. Sometimes you just cant predict what you going to have for lunch, so how can you predict who are you going to love? Its pretty much catch 22. But unlike celebs, we dont get judged by billions, so lets celebrate that fact with these 15 celebrity love triangles!



1. Watch out, its Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Or Pitt. Whatever. Aniston-Pitt-Jolie love triangle is like a God to all love triangles in the world. The story went like this: Brad and Jen got married when Jennifer was incredibly popular thanks to her role in Friends. They were regarded as one of the most successful marriages in Hollywood until they announced separation in 2005. The reason? Brad fell in love with Angelina on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith and the rest is history.

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