7 Most Common Dreams And Their Meanings

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Have you had a moment where you wake up from sleep feeling absolutely clueless about the dream you had? You’re not the only one!

Most people around the world dream of the following things and this is what they mean;

1. Falling

Weve all had this one, and its f*cking scary! The feeling of falling is believed to imply that youre hanging on too tightly to a particular situation and you need to let go of it.

In short; Easy Hojao!



2. Flying

The old classic; every person who has ever watched a superhero movie has dreamed about flying over cities its just natural. But what does it all mean? Flying in dreams symbolises being free and liberated, usually because you have managed to make a huge decision in life or risen above a heavy responsibility.

Now thats deep…



3. Failing an Exam

Youre not a human unless youve had this dream at least once. No matter much studying you do, the night before an exam always yields this dream.

You just need to be more confident otherwise this dream will haunt you before every exam!


source: tumblr

4. Meeting a Road Accident

No, you’re not going to die. Driving an out of control car simply means that you need to get a grip on your life and believe in achieving success no matter how difficult the situation is.


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5. Being Chased

Do you wake up breathless and feel like you’ve been running? It simply means that you dont want to confront an issue as you dont know how too. Challenge your issues head on people!



6. Being unable to find a Toilet

There is not a worse feeling in the world than desperately needing to go to the toilet. Dream-wise, this expresses that theres an issue in your everyday life that you are finding challenging to express your own needs.


source: wordpress

7. Death

The most scariest of all dreams! It is often connected with some dramatic change going on in your real life. Symbolically, it represents the end of something in order to start something new.


source: bustle