A Hardworking Single Mother Of 3 Gets The Most Incredible ‘Prank’ Surprise

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Cara Simmons is a hardworking single mother of three who devotes all her time to her job and family. She”s so hardworking that she was in and out of the hospital for exhaustion several times over the years.

As of late, she struggled to make ends meet. To help her out, Cara”s friends and family teamed up with Break to shine a spotlight on her with a kind prank. They wanted to show her how truly appreciated she is by her loved ones. Little did her family know that it wasn”t just Cara who was in for a shock; there was a huge surprise waiting for everyone at the end of the day.

(Source: Break)

I”d love to see more “pranks” like this pulled on all the kindhearted and hardworking people out there. However, I”m not sure this can ever be topped.