A Simple Act Of Kindness Caught On Video Proves There’s Still Good In The World

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Dr. David Jones stopped in for lunch at a Qdoba in Louisville, Kentucky, just like he did on many other days. Today, however, he would see something that would reinforce his faith in humanity. And luckily for us, he caught it all on tape.

When a woman, a regular customer, entered the store, employee Ridge Quarles quickly sprung to her aid. Quarles knows the woman”s preferred items by heart, and regularly helps her navigate the restaurant. The woman, whose name is unknown, is disabled and needs help even entering the restaurant. Today, she needed some extra help as well, and Ridge was happy to comply.

This is Ridge at work, tending to the woman”s every need as she entered the restaurant.

This is Ridge at work, tending to the woman

Dr. Jones captured the simple but touching act of kindness, and wants to show people that there is still kindness in an often cruel world.

(source Today News)

Quarles didn”t think twice about helping the woman. “She needs help,” he says. “If I wasn”t gonna do it, no one would.”

Watching this simple but profound act of kindness can teach us all something about helping out our fellow humans. We have yet to hear from the woman herself, but we hope her day was made a little easier.