Are You Nuts? Donate A Testicle and Get $35,000?!?!?!

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It would take real balls to give away one of your testicles for money, but there are rumors online that a man actually did it!  The Huffington Post reported that on an episode of “Extreme Cheapskates,” a guy named Mark Parisi found a university study offering $35,000 for a medical trial which involved removing one of his nut-sacks and replacing it with an artificial one.

No one is certain whether Parisi went through with the procedure.  But that hasn’t stopped web sites and Internet forums, including AR15 and the Tiger Droppings forum, from pondering the issue and signing men up to donate a testicle.

However, here’s the bad news for guys with the cajones to do it: the experiment was a one-time-only kind of deal.  A recent search of testicle removal trials came up empty, and even the study Parisi found was only for a testicle to be removed and replaced, not donated to another recipient.

Oh well.  If you’re eager to cash in on the family jewels, there’s always sperm donations!


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