Check out Doom’s new campaign trailer

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Fight Like Hell.

Bethesda Softworks just released a new, satisfyingly violent campaign trailer for their latest game, Doom.

You play as a Doom marine and wake up to discover the Union Aerospace Corporation’s facility on Mars has been overrun by hordes of demons and undead. The only way to stop them and save humanity is to kill them–all of them.

The game will feature a large arsenal of weapons including the super shotgun, the BFG9000, and a chainsaw (seen in the trailer) that can cut enemies in half. Gameplay will be fast and chaotic, allowing players to sprint and double jump, and denying them the ability to take cover or regain health. Familiar enemies are also expected to return, including the Revenant and Cyberdemon.

One new addition to the game is the melee execution system, shown off in the trailer. After dealing enough damage, players can perform executions on enemies, killing them in brutal fashion.

Hell’s demons. Fast movement. Big guns. Gruesome executions. What else do you need?

The series reboot releases worldwide on May 13, for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. To learn more about Doom’s campaign online, visit the game’s official website,, and as well as

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