Cute Animal Pics January 07, 2016

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We have adorable sea lions who just want to be friends – cats who want to sit on your shoulder sitting on the toilet. Get that cat in the sink – young and old, he loves the sink. Why cats gotta hate on the gays?! Shame kitty. Shame. Maybe cuz you a cat and she a human and it. Just. Won’t. Work.

Skunks work in threesoms.

Old people love their old dogs. Adorbs.  Why are raccoons not called trash pandas in a scintifical sense? Pandum Rubishum. Just sayin.

Why this pony have the prettiest hair? My little pony my ass. She tryna get it.

Why is that killer hippo that can end you in one bite frontin like he wanna be your main hippo? He don’t care if you in fourth grade, he will digest you slowly. Walk away.

Lucy the wiener dog majestic as hell at sunset.

 just wants to make friends






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