Cute Animal Pics March 07, 2015

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When a baby sea otter is born, the whole world rejoices for tis one of the cutest things on earth. Don’t you love it when the world gets turned on end and dogs dare be friends with cats? We do.  We also love it when grandparents get new dogs. If you don’t love it too you have no soul.

Some dogs are too photogenic. Why can’t we be even close to this photogenic?  Did you guys know about Norwegian Forest Cats? No you didn’t. Ok did you know they chased foxes like bosses?

The mighty Corgi stands alone on stubby legs and controls the power of the sun… Corgi is power. Corgi is truth.  Did you know Golden Retrievers have a tween stage? Makes sense.

Sooooo there may or may not be a woman out there who looks exactly like the sloth from Zootopia. Don’t believe us, just click on through, my pretties.

Did you know that Sand Cats keep their kitten-esque appearance their whole life? This is a very useful evolutionary trait in that it makes human hosts fall in love with them continuously thereby allowing the Sand Cat to steal the human soul and inhabit the host human body for years, unbeknownst to the host, it’s family, or anyone else. Inhabited humans usually quit their jobs and start websites about cute animals… it is said.

Aaaaaand someone found a potato that look like awkward moment seal. That is all.

This sea otter pup was born in the tide pool at Monterey Bay Aquarium over the weekend, loves its mom






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