Cute Animal Pics March 14, 2015

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Today we have the cutest kitten in the world. No big deal. We also have the dog that pleaded and begged but in the end was still sentenced to the unjust fate of having to take a bath. Poor thing.

Did you know puppies look great in snap-backs? Of course you did – they’re puppies, they look good in anything. What if Huskies made buddy comedy movies? They’d prolly be cop buddy movies – Stop! In the Name of the Paw! Who wouldn’t go see that?

Do you have that friend who thinks they’re entitled to a “birthday week?” Well some people have that dog.

Also – did you know you can turn your dog into a seal with just an old sweater? Click through for the how-to.

Sophie Turner (Sensa Stark – Game of Thrones duh) seems to have adopted her very own ‘Dire Wolf.’ Sorta. Whatever – they’re both gorgeous. Also – somebody’s smoking-hot girlfriend seems to have found an Ewok, not on the forest moon of Endor but what appears to be Utah maybe?

Huskies like hammocks, btw.

She begged and pleaded, but in the end. she had to take a Bath.






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