Delicious recipes your family will love using only three ingredients

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I love to cook. If I had the time I would make elaborate meals for my family every day. But unfortunately, I do not have the time but I still like to put something homemade in front of my husband and kids each night. Its one of the ways I tell them I love them. Some days, there may be some was going on and its hard to think of something quick and easy to make. Perfection would be recipes that take very few ingredients. Im always searching for easy recipes that my family will love, and this article does not disappoint. Thirty three fantastically delicious recipes using only three ingredients. We intend to work our way through the whole list. They are so easy and just perfect for my nine-year-old daughter, who is just beginning to become interested in cooking, to do! Cooking together is not only fun, but fantastic bonding time with your children. It is one of my favorite activities to do with her. Her favorite thing to make are the Nutella brownies. It is one of her favorite foods, pretty much. She would eat the whole jar with a spoon if I allowed, so these brownies are perfect for her. All you need is some Nutella, flour and eggs! It really couldnt be any simpler. If your kids or anything like mine, they also love macaroni and cheese. This three ingredient mac & cheese is the least time consuming and involved recipe you ever make this dish from. By cooking the noodles low and slow right in the milk, the starches make it very creamy and you can just add in the cut up cheese and stir for perfectly delicious macaroni and cheese with very little effort. For a simple tomato sauce doesnt take all day, the three ingredient version is simply tomatoes, onions, and butter! Sounds good to me already! These are just a few of the delicious three ingredient recipes you will find.

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