Firearm Sales Skyrocket As Liberal America Calls For Stricter Gun Control

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Imagine for a moment your home has been broken into. The thief is armed and dangerous. Your children are quietly sleeping in their beds. Suddenly this intruder becomes a threat to you and your family, what do you do? Call 911? Run out of the house with your children? Or, do you grab your firearm and protect your most prized possessions- your family and your life?

The left has forever claimed that gun control is the only solution to these situations, despite the staggering statistics that prove otherwise. Whenever someone is brutally murdered, or an unwarranted killing occurs, the liberal media immediately calls for stricter gun control laws. Here is the issue, stricter gun control laws will never solve the nations crime problem. What will, is prosecuting criminal offenders to the fullest extent of the law while enabling law-abiding citizen to defend themselves. This the commonsense answer that liberals refuse to accept.

Last month marked the highest number of background checks for firearms purchases since the inception of the program back 1998. This increase in firearm sales can be directly attributed to the uptick in violent crime across the country as well as the increase of law-abiding citizens taking a stand against violent. These individuals are taking up arms because it is not only their right per the United States Constitution, but they are refuse to allow themselves or their loved ones to be reduced to nothing more than statistic.

As always, the out-of-touch liberal base is blatantly ignoring the cold-hard facts and seeking to leave us unprotected in our own homes to fuel their anti-gun agenda.

USA Today reports:

When gun sales rise, more and more weapons find a set of dangerous hands to call home, Gross said. There are people in this country, people like felons, fugitives, and domestic abusers who we all agree simply should not have guns, said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Again, ignoring the fact that the average American purchases a firearm to protect their household from violent criminals being released through a revolving door justice system. I guarantee that if Mr.Gross had his home broken into or his family became endangered, he would would think twice about his stance on gun control.

The ugly truth Mr.Gross refuses to see is that no matter how strict gun laws are, criminals will always find a way to get their hands on guns, period. Liberals need a major wake-up call, they need to stop hiding behind the same tired argument and accept the fact that gun control will not bring back the dead and it certainly will not protect our families.