Fresh Off His Big Primary Wins, Trump UNLOADS This BRUTAL Ad Against Hillary Clinton

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Fresh off the heels of Tuesday’s dominating performance in four of fivestate primaries, including winner-take-all Florida, Republican front-runner Donald Trumpimmediately aimed his fire Wednesday at Democratic rivalHillary Clinton.

And he did so employing the same scorched-earth tactics that has proven to be so effective against his GOP opposition.

Trump released a devastating ad questioning Clinton’s toughness when it comes to dealing with foreign adversaries like Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and ISIS. The ad effectively uses Clinton’s own actions on the campaign trail to mock her and does so with lots of humor:

Is this what we want for a President?

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“Is this what we want for a President?” Trump asked his followers in a tweet.

The ad was an instant hit based on the online reaction from the candidate’s confident supporters. Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter: