Funny Pics January 07, 2016

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Today we ask ourselves what will happen when all the cars drive themselves – what will the cops do with all that time? Will you be able to blame a speeding ticket on your “stupid car?”

Speaking of cars, we found the real Bermuda Triangle – the one between your seat and the center console – just big enough to drop your wallet into so you can tantalizingly see it but can’t fit you dumb big paw down there to get it. Better pull over, get on your knees and go through the back door. Oh my.

We’ve all wondered if Benicio del Toro is the love child of Johnny Knoxville and Brad Pitt, amaright? No? And we’ve all mixed up out trash with our shart, no? And who thought that the ridiculously photogenic jogger was only soso?  He’s OK? Just OK? This does not bode well for us mere mortals.

No one realized that John Boyega and Harrison Ford were best friends – apparently not even Harrison Ford. Actually, it looks like Boyega is the only one who “knows” this.

The Future (New Yorker Comic)






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