Funny Pics March 07, 2015

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Low-cost cosplay never looked so good. Well actually, it looks pretty terrible but prolly tastes fresh! Would you really lose weight if you swapped out beer for vodka? Let’s ask Ed Sheeran who claims to have dropped 35lbs in 3 months.

It looks like the Donald Trump-ish way of answering questions is catching on with our youth. Is this encouraging or terrifying? And how come in his new movie Nick Cage looks like Bob from Bob’s Burgers?

So many questions… like why do tiny dumpsters even exist at all and why do the waste management folks punish you by giving you a tiny dumpster if your normal one is stolen?

Also today, we look at photographic evidence of the effects of meth on Labradors and whether or not Blake Sheldon can have sex with middle-aged women through a handshake. Intriguing. We also discover why wearing all white isn’t just for the KKK anymore and we finally answer the question of which religion cares the most about homeless people.

What if a rhino used a chainsaw to chop off a poacher’s nose? Just what if?

Recently a dad was lauded as a hero when he stopped a baseball bat from hitting his son in the face but upon examination of photographic evidence, it appears a heavy-set Jedi was also to credit for the save. Incredible(s).

Lowcost Cosplay reaches a new high!






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