Funny Pics March 14, 2015

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Today we relish when Google is our best friend and knows us better than any living human. How else you gonna find that one guy who looks like Magikarp?

What would you do if Mr. Burns from the Simpsons was your motivational speaker? Probably lay in bed crippled like Millhouse. And who knew somebody actually built that crazy stone-aged Flintstones car that Fred had to power with his feet? Solid. At least sad Kanye is still with us.

Why would the reverse flash wait for Green Arrow? Why would he wait for anyone when he could just reverse flash into the future or whatever – also he’s evil s who gave him that baby?

It’s hard t tell if that’s a Hillary supporter or a Trump enthusiast holding that campaign sign but whoever it is certainly has a point.  Would you vote for Frank Reynolds from Always Sunny for Bernie’s VP? Could Charlie hold the football?

Didn’t know there was a Chinese Harry Potter. What spell is that? IS there a spell for earning money when you sell an album cuz Taken with the Tides needs to learn it. They were paid absolutely zero pounds for their album. Sorry guys.

And yes, now that you point it out, Nacho from Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad DOES in fact look like an Emu. And no, we all knew Tim Tebow is super-duper Christian. The only think he’s more than Christian is unemployed.

I love Google…

Google search that one guy who looks like magikarp





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