Kitty swallows TV antenna and survives

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Gatito se traga antena de TV

Alphie is a kitten that was very lucky, antenna tv b p swallowed the quedo hosted from the esophagus to the stomach.

Vanessa Waite Manhunter, tells his mesmerized by images, p 36 years that the tv offered. An unhealthy development according to the owner.

Night oi not roar went up b That grandma are investigating, I assumed had been Alphie window. He seemed to be fine and was hiding under the bed

However, during Alphie be so seemed That is what lead to the PDSA. Number Vanessa late to me that one of the missing aerials said to Television.

Alphie to be urgent, because if permanecia while being inside That is deadly.

Surgeon at PDSA, Airey one of the rare cases that observed during their working time.

She said: It is very rare. We had a case a few years ago when a dog ate a stake in a store, but it is very rare that a solid object p ze eat this way.

That she had been with him and realize this is an unusual That accident. Good luck to swallow healthy veterinary adds, but the perforated intestines.

. Ms. He added: Hey I could not when I saw the X-ray. Antenna looked huge in his body. Very grateful to the incredible bran b there is a complete.