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Everyone wants to save money, but it seems like everything costs so much. From goods to services to food, it all seems so expensive. It also always seems like you”re never getting what you really need or want. As with everything, there are tricks which exist to help you out. These tricks come directly from the professionals, so pay attention.

1. Get new glasses

Get new glasses

If your prescription hasn”t changed but you”d like a new pair of glasses, many eyeglass outlets will copy the lenses on your existing pair. You don”t need an exam or prescription for this. Plus, it”s good to have a backup pair.

2. Get the hottest fries

Get the hottest fries

If you”re tired of getting cold rubbery fries that have been sitting out, ask for them without salt. The fries sitting out have already been salted, so you”ll get a fresh batch. Don”t do this if there”s a huge line, though, because it”s rude.

3. Get a discount on your insurance

Get a discount on your insurance

Many insurance companies offer a discount if you drive less than a certain amount of miles in a time period. Details will vary based on the company and your plan, but it”s worth looking into. Discounts are also sometimes available for military personnel and single parents.

4. Compare prices

Compare prices

Many retailers will price match on their items, but only if you ask. If you tell them that the same model is on sale for less at another competing store, chances are you”ll get that price. This is especially good for purchasing electronics.

5. Get textbooks for cheap

Get textbooks for cheap

College textbooks, especially science textbooks, can run upwards of $200. You can, however, buy them from other English speaking countries (namely India) for much less.

6. Whatever you do, don”t mention weddings to a florist

Whatever you do, don

Prices for weddings are significantly higher than they are for “events.”

7. Anticipate and strategize sales

Anticipate and strategize sales

Most retail workers will know what will be on sale next week. Ask them and plan your shopping accordingly.

8. It was never, ever your fault

It was never, ever your fault

If your product is under warranty, never admit that any damage might have been your fault. If you admit fault, your warranty can be nullified. Just say that you have no idea what happened and your chances of the item being replaced are greater.

9. Fix your electronics

Fix your electronics

Turning it off and then turning it back on usually fixes the problem.

10. Be your own IT person

Be your own IT person

If you encounter a technical issue you can”t fix, Google it. Chances are other people had the same issue, and there will likely be guides and forums dedicated to helping others troubleshoot the issue. The Internet has everything, including its own tech support.

11. Learn to time your purchases

Learn to time your purchases

Some items and industries experience seasonal price changes, and knowing about them can save you money. For example, mattress sales tend to be slow in the spring, so there are more mattresses on sale during that time of year.

12. You don”t need that many cleaning products

You don

If you use diluted white vinegar in place of most household cleaners, you”ll find it does the exact same job, if not better. It”s cheaper, it”s all-natural, it”s all-purpose, and yes, it kills 99.9% of germs. Add a few drops of essential oil if you don”t like the smell.

13. Bonus Money-Saving Tip: Don”t gamble

Bonus Money-Saving Tip: Don

The house always wins. Say it with me: the house always wins. Do you think casinos could possibly stay in business if this were not the case? If you really want to save money, don”t literally give it away. If you”re itching to spend, at least get a good meal or a nice pair of shoes out of it. And if you like the game, get a poker night going with your friends. Play for M&Ms.

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We hope these little tricks will help you out. I recently used the glasses trick and it saved me a trip to the optometrist. All I had to do was show them my frames and tell them my prescription. It”s that easy!