Holy Sh*t! New Study Says Swearing Means You’re Smart

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You won’t believe this fucking sht.  A new study published last month in the Language Sciences journal reveals that vulgarity is the sign of increased intelligence.

Psychologists Kristin and Timothy Jay investigated two different language theories to determine whether swearing (or, as they call it, “Taboo word fluency”) substitutes for a weak vocabulary or enriches an expansive one.

They asked study participants to say as many “taboo words” as they could in 60 seconds, then asked them to do the same with more G-rated topics, such as animal names.  The researchers observed that people who could list more curse words were also able to list more words in the other subjects.

But that’s not all they learned.  In their study, the Jays categorized types of vulgarity (slurs, pejoratives, sexual terms, etc), and concluded that people who were more versed in profanity also had a better understanding of the appropriate situations in which to use them.

Fucking A!

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