How to Travel on a Budget: Our 10 Useful Tips

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How to Travel on a Budget - Our 10 Useful TipsI hate daily routine. Who doesn’t? Waking up early in the morning, slogging your way to work either with zombies in public transport or in a traffic jam. And then you get to your job and there’s a huge amount of work so that you have no time to live, everyday cooking or cleaning or paying bills or solving problems and problems and problems… and there comes the time that you get fed up with all of this and you decide to take a vacation.



So what to do on vacation? The answer is obvious – travel! Only traveling clears your mind, changes your philosophy and helps you to “reboot”.



You have million places you want to go to, but browsing the regular flight costs or prices for travel packages you just become horrified and amused, thinking how the hell that girl from Instagram, that teases with her photos all the time, works to get so much money on traveling around the globe?!? Relax. There is one truth I want to share with you – You don’t need to be rich to travel. Just accept that and let’s repeat again – You don’t need to be rich to travel! But you need to have some guts, to be enthusiastic, outgoing and open to new experiences. Still don’t believe me? Here are some tips that will turn your world upside down and will make you jump from your couch and beg your boss for vacation.



Before discussing some essential tips remember the rule that works the best – browse and do the research
The key to a great trip is being prepared. Spend some time to find out everything about your destination. Read blogs, forums, travel guides, ask your friends, relatives, that girl from Instagram.



How to Travel on a Budget - Our 10 Useful TipsTip #1 Fly smart

As soon as you’ve decided to fly to your destination pay attention to these timely tidbits of advice:

  • Planning everything in advance will save you lots of money. The earlier you book your ticket the cheaper it will cost.
  • Flights with departure dates in the middle of the week are always cheaper. Friday is the most expensive day for flying. Tuesday and Thursday are the cheapest
  • Tickets for strange curvy routes are cheaper than tickets for direct flights
  • Use low cost airlines like Easyjet, Wizzair, Sas, AirBaltic, Ryanair, etc. If you are traveling to Europe from the States, choose the cheapest flight to any country and make a change of flights on low cost airlines. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the deals they offer; e.g. It is possible to travel from Spain to Germany for $32 via Ryanair. And it’s not the cheapest deal!
  • Sign up for travel cards, watch out for the deals and collect miles. Also look through the list of their member stores – shopping at those stores will give you 2-4 miles for every dollar spent
    Save up to 10% on the flight cost paying in unusual currency. Check the latest rates for different currencies. That may sound strange but you can win on the currency rates paying for example in Czech crowns using your $ credit card.



How to Travel on a Budget - Our 10 Useful TipsTip #2 Hitchhike and carpool
Choosing a car as the means of transport for traveling have many positive sides. It is convenient, you can carry lots of baggage and discover great local scenery. To make it cheaper find people traveling to the same destination as you. Hitchhiking is totally free way to explore the world but it may seem dangerous, as you are never sure what’s on driver’s mind. If you are afraid to hitchhike the best solution to hit the road is to share your ride with people traveling the same way. It’s easy to find numerous sites on the net with profiles and offers of drivers.

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