If You Thought Nachos Were Just Cheese And Chips, You Need These 17 Recipes

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Nachos are arguably one of the most deliciously simple foods on the planet. All you have to do to make a great plate of nachos is take tortilla chips, cheese, and your veggies of choice, warm it up until it”s melty, and enjoy! But if you thought nachos could only satisfy your craving for something savory and cheesy, there”s a whole world of unique, sweet, and spicy nachos to explore. Check out the 17 nacho ideas below that take tortillas to a whole new level.

1. Cannoli nachos

Cannoli nachos

This recipe just made my world so much brighter. Thank you, cannoli nachos.

2. Zucchini nachos

Zucchini nachos

This dish is healthy and meatless, vegetarians!

3. Thai sweet potato nachos

Thai sweet potato nachos

If Asian fusion is your favorite type of cuisine, you have to try this dish.

4. Tater tot nachos

Tater tot nachos

If grade school lunch and Mexican food had a baby, it would be this recipe.

5. Potato nachos, aka “Irish nachos”

Potato nachos, aka

This recipe is so decadent, you”ll be drooling before you finish reading.

6. Strawberry basil salsa with cinnamon sugar nacho chips

Strawberry basil salsa with cinnamon sugar nacho chips

This salsa and homemade chip combo would be perfect for a summer barbecue.

7. Plantain nachos

Plantain nachos

Plantains are famous for their sweet taste, and are sure to make your nachos unique.

8. Pizza nachos

Pizza nachos

It”s like my two favorite foods made a special dish just for me. Pepperoni, please!

9. Nacho casserole

Nacho casserole

Make this dish for optimal creamy, melty, nacho goodness.

10. French fry nachos

French fry nachos

If you can never get enough potatoes, this recipe is for you.

11. Portable Frito nacho bags

Portable Frito nacho bags

If using your hands to eat nachos is too much of a hassle, you need this recipe.

12. Fruit salad salsa nachos with cinnamon chips

Fruit salad salsa nachos with cinnamon chips

Strawberries, apples, and kiwis? I”m making this ASAP.

13. Berries and cream nachos

Berries and cream nachos

These nachos are decadent with or without chocolate.

14. Kale nachos

Kale nachos

You can still eat nachos and be health-conscious with these bad boys.

15. Peanut butter apple nachos

Peanut butter apple nachos

Whether or not you want to indulge in the added chocolate chips is up to you.

16. Hawaiian skillet nachos

Hawaiian skillet nachos

Sweet and savory deliciousness all in one skillet.

17. Buffalo chickpea nachos

Buffalo chickpea nachos

This vegan take on buffalo chicken is healthy and delicious.

These nacho ideas all look so delicious, I”m not even sure where to start! I love Hawaiian pizza, so maybe I”ll try out the Hawaiian nachos first. Which one of these recipes had you drooling?

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