If You Want To Let Your Cat Enjoy The Outdoors Without Worrying, Build A Catio!

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Just because your cat is an indoor pet, doesn’t mean they still don’t long for the wind in their hair and the smell of fresh-cut grass.

But letting them run freely in the backyard is simply out of the question. Predators lurk there, they could get lost, or worse…stolen!

So what can you do to keep your little kitten as content as can be? With just a few tools and materials, they can have their outdoor cake and enjoy it, too.

I give you…a catio!

For starters, you’ll need wire mesh fencing for the actual cage part, a shelf with brackets, Plexiglass, and some of these insulated staples.

Use the staples to secure the wire to the board.

Cut the mesh to fit around the base.

Don’t forget to leave one side open…this is where the door into the house will go.

Boysterload cut a hole in his Plexiglass with a jigsaw and used a cat door he bought at a pet store for the entrance.

The Redditor attached brackets to the shelving — you’ll want to make sure they’re strong enough to support your cat’s weight.

The first taste of the outdoors…

This is the finished product from inside…

Boysterload says his cat is getting used to it and has tons to look out onto — including a bird feeder!

(source Reddit)

What a fun way to let your cat enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about their well-being!