Jane Fonda Wasn’t On Megyn Kelly Today To Joke

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Megyn Kelly’s Today show was in no way less awkward on its second day as she practically started the show on Monday with something no one would have ever imagined.

Megyn went out of her way to tell a gay man that the “gay thing” was working really fine for him after he won a prize package which included a ticket to the rebooted Will & Grace Show. Well, it didn’t go well with many people as we would have imagined, and later in the day, Debra Messing stated that she was dismayed by Megyn’s comments, stating that she regretted going.

The second day of the show came, and we weren’t too shocked as Jane Fonda openly and knowingly sidelined a question from Kelly about her history with cosmetic surgery, instead she chose to talk about her new movie with Robert Redford, which she was actually on the show to promote.

That odd moment when Kelly Megyn brought up the issue of ageism in Hollywood, then making Fonda feel like an angel by saying she was “inspiring” before throwing the jab which she had tried so hard to sugarcoat. She said, “I read that you said you felt—you’re not proud to admit that you’ve had work done. Why not?”

Well, Fonda simply paused, perfected extra beat and replied with a question instead. Well, just as we would guess, Kelly tried threading the flattery part again, but the actress simply said, “Let me tell you why I love this movie.”

Many have said Megyn Kelly is divisive, and I am starting to feel like that’s true, but we can appreciate the way Jane Fonda dealt with the situation on live TV without spoiling the opportunity she had to promote her movie.




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