Just Try To Be In A Bad Mood While Watching These Kitten Hugs…D’awww

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No matter how bad a day you might be having, you”re about two seconds away from having a big smile on your face. Not even a fender bender with someone who doesn”t “believe” in insurance could compete with the pure joy and sweetness we”re about to show you.

Are you ready? Good, because we can”t wait any longer. These adorable cats and kittens are so cuddly and fluffy and adorable, you won”t even remember what you were so cranky about before you saw them.

Snuggle up into a snoozefest.

Snuggle up into a snoozefest.

Nothing in the world is more content than this.

Nothing in the world is more content than this.

It”s, like, the fluffiest, cutest spa day ever!


And you can watch even more mega-cute cuddles in the video:

(source Funnycatsandnicefish)

Those soothing purrs always put me in complete Zen mode. Of course, there is one problem with the adorable video…we can”t reach in and give them a hug ourselves. Get to work on that, technology!

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