Molecular Gastronomy The Food of the Future

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Molecular Gastronomy - The Food of the FutureIn a few years we won’t need all these old fashioned recipes, cook books, we won’t even need pots and pans. Why? Because molecular cooking has gained such huge notoriety in the past couple of years, more and more people taking a look at what it’s all about! It is a modern style of cooking used by gourmet chefs in many of the world finest restaurants and on cruise ships. It takes advantage of many technical innovations, and is actually a combination of cooking and science. Here’s 10 interesting facts about molecular gastronomy before trying it.



Molecular Gastronomy - The Food of the Future1. Nicholas Kurti

The term ‘molecular gastronomy’ was invented by Nicholas Kurti in 1988. He was a Hungarian-born nuclear physicist who helped develop the first atomic bomb. Cooking always was his hobby. So he tried to explore the processes of cooking from a scientific point of view and apply scientific knowledge to culinary problems.



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