Moobs: 15 Celebrity Man Boobs

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We have a really important question for you: Do you know what moobs are? Because if you dont, you HAVE TO get acquainted with this term. Moobs or man boobs are pretty common, maybe even commoner than you think! They happen when men just stop trying, and their bodies transform because of the poor diet and lack of exercise. In other words, men who dont take care of themselves get punished with the boobs. Its such irony, right? Anyway, its even funnier when moobs are spotted on celebrity men, because they cant escape being photographed at the beach, or anywhere for that matter. Behold, the best celebrity moobs!



1. Our first contestant is Jack Nicholson. You may know him from some of your favorite Hollywood movies. Also, you may know him as a pretty successful womanizer, so this photo is a bit shocking to us. We can see Jack here being relaxed and sunbathing while eating a sandwich. You should be swimming, Jack! And why do you support those moobs with junk food? But when it comes to rating his moobs, we would say 4/10.

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