New Medical Gizmo Finds Patient’s Veins

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There is nothing that rattles the nerves more than visiting a doctor and getting a needle shot in your vein.  And no wonder – medical professionals have never before had a precise measurement of where to insert the needle.  But a new device called the VeinViewer gets right to the point, using infrared-type light to locate your veins instantly and make needle shots a much smoother process.

Designed by Christie Medical Holdings, the VeinViewer projects veins up to 0.4 inches deep onto your arm.  A “fine detail” mode acts like a “zoom in” feature, revealing more intricate vein patterns to help medical professionals determine the most effective area to put the needle.

According to Christie Medical Holdings president George Pinho, “Only VeinViewer can provide pre, during and post-access benefits throughout the entire vascular access procedure.”

Guess you can call the VeinViewer a real shot in the arm for the medical community.

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