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We know, this really is my super-quick but still tremendous scrumptious edition of migas although we know. this nowadays if youve never heard about migas next I’m happy you’re below scanning. Migas is an excellent meal made from scrambled eggs, pieces of toast tortillas along with a medley of sauteed veggies (onion, garlic, fills, tomatoes etc.). We initially heard about migas while looking at the Leader Females weblog (shes amazing, btw) and he or she includes a fantastic not-fast formula for migas. Next, following migas had been nearly overlooked about by me, I acquired an email suggesting migas are made by me. Nicely, we confident am happy that I acquired that indication since not just was this migas definitely pleasant, it had been additionally tremendous cheap! RATING!

The main reason this can be a fast version is the fact that we and that I utilized salsa and Objective Tortilla Pieces in the place of baking tortillas and reducing on these into pieces, respectively. Objective Tortilla Pieces are significantly heavier than normal tortilla chips (and nearly half the cost) that you require to ensure that these to endure all the dampness within this meal.

We created a large SIX helping order here-but I’d recommend just producing the total amount that since it has a tendency to get you’re likely to consume instantly dried up throughout the refrigerationORheating method. Fortunately, this formula just like simple and fast to create one helping (or 2 or 3) at the same time because it is for six.

Fast Migas

Quick Migas

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Fast migas
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Prepare period

Complete period

Complete Cost: .40
Cost-Per Serving: .57
Serves: 6

  • SIX big ova MONEY0.90
  • fourteen glass dairy DOLLAR0.08
  • ONE cup salsa $0.86
  • 12-cup shredded cheddar cheese MONEY0.42
  • 5 ounce. Heavy tortrilla pieces $0.64
  • fourteen lot cilantro, cut DOLLAR0.17
  • ONE Tablespoons butter MONEY0.05
  • THREE cut green onions DOLLAR0.23
  • to taste salt-and-pepper DOLLAR0.05

  1. Saute the natural onions in ONE Tablespoons of butter over moderate temperature till they’re gentle (2-3 units). Take together the ova as the onions are preparing and dairy.
  2. When the onions are gentle, put the egg mix over-top and allow it to prepare (without mixing) before sides are established (what this means is preparedORswitched strong… View pictures below). Utilize your spatula to draw the sides in allowing the unsetORfluid egg circulation back when the sides are established. Continue doing this procedure the egg mixture until almost all is placedORprepared. Move ahead to another action once the egg combination continues to be shimmering and damp but is mainly prepared. Your end-product is likely to be over-cooked in the event that you prepare it till it’s dry only at that action and tremendous dried. Yuck.
  3. Put the salsa about the eggs and lightly collapse in (be cautious to not above mix, youll end up getting pellet like scrambled eggs). Include the tortilla pieces and lightly collapse in. The pieces decrease and may alleviate in quantity because they are combined in therefore don’t fret in case your skillet appears to be over-flowing in the beginning!
  4. Spread one’s migas’ most truly effective using newly cut cilantro and cheese. Function although it continues to be warm and moist!


Step-By-Step Pictures

saute green onionsSaute the natural onions in ONE Tablespoons of butter (we utilized TWO Tablespoons of butter but quickly recognized that it had been a lot more than required therefore ONE Tablespoons is outlined within the formula)

cook eggsPut within the ovumORdairy combination before sides are established and allow make. Begin to see the bright-ant colour once they possess prepared the sides get?

pull egg in toward centerMaking use of your spatula, draw the sides that are prepared in toward the middle and let back the raw egg circulation in its location. Replicate the procedure when the fresh raw egg offers established about the sides. Before you get keep carrying this out…

mostly cooked eggs! These ova are mainly prepared (begin to see the damp shimmering top-layer?) and today it’s time for you to move ahead to another action.

add salsa and tortilla stripsInclude the salsa and lightly collapse it in (don’t over mix) adding the tortilla pieces and collapse in. Best the combination using shredded cheese and clean cut cilantro!

Quick MigasNOTE: if you like to create that one helping at the same time simply take together one ovum using ONE teaspoon of dairy and saute one natural onion in ONE teaspoon of butter. The quantity of cilantro and tortilla pieces are not totally inflexible therefore include nevertheless much you would like!

To create this formula a bit healthiest, you are able to reduce steadily tortilla strips’ quantity, utilize not high cheese, saute vegetables and utilize an egg alternative or eggwhites. We wouldnt recommend utilizing cooked tortilla chips simply because they don’t appear to be they’d be powerful enough to put on as much as the fluid but when you’re feeling daring, provide it a try!

Eaten MigasYummmmmmmmmm!