She Saw A Special Note In Her Birthday Card That Made Her Burst Into Tears Of Joy

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People are hardly taken by surprise anymore. It”s almost impossible to keep a secret in this day and age with social media and text messaging. So many surprise parties have been spoiled by mouthy friends, and too many presents have been ruined by nosy kids. It seems like everyone is ruining truly epic moments of shock and awe, and it doesn”t look like it”s going to end soon.

Fortunately, some people are still able to master the element of surprise. Young Emma here got a birthday card from her parents, and when she opened it up, there was a special note inside revealing an amazing surprise that had her in tears. I don”t know how her parents were able to keep this a secret…

(via Greg Cox)

I”m glad that this surprise wasn”t ruined, because her reaction is beyond words. Can we all agree to keep more secrets and have more surprises in our world? It makes life so much more awesome and magical. If you begin to doubt this, remember Emma”s reaction to her new puppy.

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