She Smashed Up Some Oreos And Made Something That Had Me Drooling In Seconds

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The best thing about Oreos is how many flavors are available for “America”s Favorite Cookie.” Each Oreo flavor is more delicious than the next, so any baking project making use of the cookies can have a ton of different tastes, but still taste like an Oreo.

That”s what makes this recipe for creating cake pops so much fun. By adding your Oreo flavor of choice, you can add a different taste and color to these treats every time you make them. Personally, I”m a huge fan of the originals, but a few of my friends prefer the golden Oreos used in this video. Your only limit in this recipe is your imagination…or at least whatever Oreos are sold at your local store!

(source InTheKitchenWithKate)

These are great for a snack at home and perfect to bring to a party. They”re quite possibly the most versatile, no-bake treat I”ve ever seen. The only question is how long you can go without eating them all in one sitting. If they”re anything like Oreos, I know I might not be able to control myself. I”ll eat every last pop!