The 10 Most Delicious Desserts In The World

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7. Anmitsu (Japan)7. Anmitsu (Japan)
Japan is a creative country and there are a lot of dishes we can’t understand and we won’t eat at all. But this dessert is really one of the tastiest desserts in Japan. And, what’s good, it’s a healthy kind of sweets. Anmitsu consists of such ingredients: kanten (agar agar jelly made of seaweed), anko (sweet azuki bean paste), syrup (mitsu), fruits, ice-cream and boiled peas. It’s served with black sugar syrup kuromitu. When you visit Japan, please, try this dessert! You’ll never forget it’s taste!



8. Kurtoscalacs (Hungary)8. Kurtoscalacs (Hungary)
This dessert isn’t only tasty but looks funny as well! Children just love these sweets. It resembles a chimney, that’s why sometimes this dessert is called Chimney Cake or Stove Cake. It’s a helix-shaped pastry and made from sweet, yeast dough. Kurtoscalacs are rolled in granulated sugar and flavoured with sweet spices. When you visit Hungary, you’ll see a lot of people tasting this dessert. So don’t miss a change to try it too!


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