They Thought This Egg Was A Dud, But Then The Little Guy Inside Proved Them Wrong

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This family was already familiar with the mama Mallard duck, whom they call Daisy, laying eggs on their porch. When the time came for the little ones to hatch, only seven of the nine made their way into the world. With the summer heat beating down on them, Daisy abandoned her other two eggs to take her hatchlings to the cool air by the lake.

The family assumed the remaining two were unfertilized and wouldn”t be making a peep any time soon. The next morning, though, they were shocked to see one begin to stir! They brought the little egg inside and soon witnessed something miraculous.

Come on, little fella, you”re almost there.

Come on, little fella, you

Aaand we have a head!

Aaand we have a head!

“Go away, shell. I don”t need you anymore.”

"Go away, shell. I don

Not so bad out here, huh?

Not so bad out here, huh?

What a roller coaster of emotions! Take a look at the full video, which includes footage of the cutie trying to waddle around for the first time.

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Just goes to show that not everything that seems like a lost cause ends up being one. We hope this little guy grows up strong and tough, with lots of quack in his step.