This Pup Was Cruelly Tied To A Tree By A River, The Mutilations Are Unbelievable

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When people noticed that a dog was tied to a tree by a river in Arkansas, they called local animal control. Workers arrived and immediately saw that it was much more than a typical abandonment case — this particular pup was tied up so tightly that the mutilation inflicted was truly disturbing and heartbreaking to witness.

Warning: if you have a weak stomach, just scroll to the bottom for a happier ending.

The rope was so embedded into the dog’s neck, you can only imagine the amount of suffering he endured before being rescued.

Pine Bluff Animal Friends, a group of volunteers for the local shelter, made sure the little guy got the medical attention he needed right away, no matter what the cost.

The rope was so deep in his flesh that he had to be sedated, having it surgically removed. The operation was a success…

But the organization was out over $300 that they couldn’t afford on their own.

Luckily, the public quickly caught wind of this terrible situation and made sure that all the bills were paid through many generous donations.

It breaks my heart thinking of all the hours this poor pooch sat there while the rope dug its way into his neck. Thank goodness for the incredible volunteers at Pine Bluff Animal Friends and the amazing kindness of all the concerned citizens in the area looking to remedy the situation. This pup, now named River, is on the mend and so incredibly grateful to all the people who helped him out.