This Soldier Wore the Ugliest Dress He Could Find to a Funeral For an Incredible Reason

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Right before he was shipped out for a tour of duty in Afghanistan, British soldier Kevin Elliot made a pact with his best friend Barry Delaney. Elliot told him that if anything were to happen to him over there, if he were to be killed in action, he wants Delaney to find the ugliest dress he could find and wear it to his funeral. It was strange, but Delaney promised.

While Elliot was in Afghanistan, he and Delaney stayed in close contact, but three years later, Delaney received the unfortunate news that his best friend had been killed.

Delaney kept good on his promise. He poured himself Elliot’s favorite drink, toasted his fallen friend and hero, and donned the most ridiculous dress he could find — a greenish-yellow dress with neon pink high socks.

To most people, Delaney would look like a disrespectful fool showing up at a soldier’s funeral in that ridiculous dress, but those in attendance knew of the promise Delaney made to Elliot and were touched by keeping his word to his friend.

Elliot gave his life for his country and Delaney gave up some of his dignity for his best friend.

Source: 22 Words