Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beaches In The World

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Dominical Beach, Costa Rica - Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beaches In The World10. Dominical Beach, Costa Rica
Dominical beach is considered a paradise all year round for both surfers and nature lovers. While nature lovers will enjoy lying on some warm sand, with a drink in hand and having sunscreen gently rubbed all over their bodies, surfers will surely appreciate monster waves. It’s no surprise people often stay longer at Domincal than they intended.



Canggu Beach, Bali, Indonesia - Top 10 Most Breathtaking Beaches In The World9. Canggu Beach, Bali, Indonesia
It’s mostly famous as a place to surf. Since it has everything from easy waves to serious breaks, it’s perfect for pro surfers as well as for beginners, long-boards and fun-boards. But do not be upset if you are not a surfer, it’s actually a fabulous place to rest and watch the surfers. The coastline is incredibly beautiful, you can enjoy sun and sea. The sunset is definitely worth checking out.



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