Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants Around The World

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When planning a vacation most people like looking for something interesting to see while they’re abroad, something that will make their vacation worthwhile. In most cases we concentrate on all the sightseeing that could be done, or the beach if you’re going to the seaside. When it comes to dining we usually just go with what’s nearby, or something classic, in some cases, we don’t bother altogether and just order room service. That’s a shame. So here’s a list of top 10 most unusual restaurants around the world. These are sure to make your vacation even more unforgettable.


Circus Restaurant – London, England
Circus Restaurant - London, England - Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants Around The World 1Circus is a glamorous Pan Asian restaurant located in Covent Garden, London. It has a wonderful menu, where you’re sure to find something to your liking, and also serves as a cocktail bar. From the moment you walk in you’ll be transported into the world of decadence and glamour, it’s quite surreal. The best part about it is the surprise that awaits you in the evening. There’s a reason this restaurant is called “Circus”. As the night falls the spectacle begins. Throughout the evening you’ll be entertained by multiple performances and twirling entertainers doing tricks suspended in mid air.

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