Top 10 Winter Smoothie

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Top 10 Winter SmoothieThe cold winter months always bring us low, make us feel blue and cold. Admit there is nothing you want each winter morning except to stay in your warm bed listening to ‘Never gonna leave this bed again’ by sexy Adam. Winter is the season we need open-armed hugs, tons of chocolate bars, retro movies, cozy cottony rugs and of course rich and pleasant tastes. I am pretty sure you have the kind of hu-u-uge winter cup decorated with deer patterns or encircled with a pretty little scarf. Now we’re gonna spice up your funky ideas of what this cup should be filled with.



Today we’ll talk about smoothies. Yep, believe or not but smoothies aren’t just a summer drink. It can taste both fresh and warm all winter long. These 10 smoothie recipes will boost your mood and help you to spend the cold months in harmony.




1. Super Power Ginger Smoothie - Top 10 Winter Smoothie1. Super Power Ginger Smoothie
Ginger is the world’s most powerful herb. It combines both the spice and the medicine. It’s commonly used powdered, oiled, dried and fresh. What other things can be added with the ginger to smooth it out?! Try this great combo:

  • one half of a pineapple
  • one half of a middle-sized ginger
  • 2 cups of a simple or a Greek yogurt
  • one pinch of vanilla

Honestly saying this recipe is based on the old principle of ‘take a little this, take a little that’. The basic ingredients are the pineapple, the ginger and any kind of yogurt you prefer. You can add some bananas, citrus fruits or even hot milk.



Bet you’ll get an exceptional rich taste and the soft yellow color. Decorate it with a swizzle stick and enjoy! and enjoy!


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