Wait, What? Donald Trump Hints he Would Take in More Syrian Refugees

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Whats happening in Europe as the refugee invasion heats up is, in my opinion, the single biggest news story of the year. You wouldnt know it by watching mainstream media, but what were seeing in Europe is a full on transfer of the Muslim world from the Middle East and North Africa into Europe and the west.

Its an incredibly dangerous situation that threatens the fabric of free societies. It threatens Christianity, it threatens free-markets and it promises to collapse economies. Why anyone would be comfortable with the invasion from Syria is beyond me.

Donald Trump may not comfortable with it, but hes not opposed to it. In fact, Trump is playing right into it.

Via Downtrend.

Just two days ago, I argued that the United States should be actively taking in more Syrian and other refugees currently streaming over the border with Europe. It turns out Donald Trump agrees.

On Fox News The OReilly Factor, Trump said he worries that some in the group and that a secure screening process would be necessary, but something has to be done, he said. Its an unbelievable humanitarian problem.

That position seems to stand in stark contrast to Trumps tough illegal immigration policy. He advocates building a large wall across the U.S.-Mexico border and said all illegal immigrants need to leave the country.

He said that Europe has become a much different place with the increase in Muslim immigrants from the Middle East, but you cant ignore them based on humanitarian grounds.

In my view this is a bizarre and damning position for Trump to take. I dont think anyone argues that its not terrible whats happening in Syria. But Germany is prepared to take in up to 800,000 Muslims in one year alone. And thats just one country in Europe. A Europe that is already so deep in debt and financial turmoil that there is no mathematical escape. How are they going to cope with millions of Muslims who have no jobs, no money and no ability to pay their own way? How are they going to cope with such a large infusion of people who will not, under any circumstance, embrace the European culture and will instead push their own onto Europe?

Donald Trump should be careful on this topic. It has the potential to cancel out his entire position on border security and illegal immigration. Thats not something he can afford.