WATCH: Nutjob Says Be Reasonable Stop Doing Things About Gun Control (VIDEO)

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Steven Pelkey, a veteran and video blogger on Youtube, would like to ask Americans to be reasonable about something. That something is gun control, and to him reasonable means to stop it.

Channeling all the stupidity of Sarah Palin, Steven says:

This country was built based on people totin guns.

Yes, he said it our country was built based on people totin guns. Ummmmm…..dafuq?

The fact is, it seems that conservatives built on narrative changes depending on which inalienable right the Teapublicans want to scare people into thinking they are losing at the time.

Steven makes the logical leap from that statement above to his grand plan to fix the gun violence epidemic in this country:

So doesn’t it make sense then that if this country wants to do anything about gun control they just stop doing things about gun control!?!

Apparently the right wants us all to live in a putrid, twisted Wild-West/Mad Max guntopia, in which murder and self-defense are indistinguishable, and we are all safe in the knowledge of mutually assured destruction at the grocery store.

Here is this stellar example of why we cannot have nice things in this country:

Feature image via video screen capture from YouTube

Something tells me he wouldn’t pass a mental health check.


This country was based on people totin guns. Well. Let’s extrapolate that logic. This country was also founded on not wanting to pay our taxes and wiping out any of those pesky indigenous squatters on my Manifest Destiny land. So, Cliven Bundy for president, I guess? Yeah…. nooo….