Watch This Pit Bull Respond To His Owners With Yes Or No Answers

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How much would you love to talk to your dog? (I mean, really hold a conversation.) Plenty of pups have made us think they”re telling us how they feel in the past, like the petite Frenchie who really seems to say “I love you.” But nothing has really come as close as this impressive pit bull”s ability to answer yes or no questions.

His name is Czr and his owners explain that he has been trained to actually communicate by nodding and shaking his head.

“Are you a good boy? No! Why?”

“Did you eat your dinner?”

The compilation is part of a project called #teamCZR, providing proof against the unfortunate stereotype around pit bulls and other bull breeds as “aggressive” and “untrainable.”

Their hope is that by showing Czr”s incredible intelligence, the misconception of the breed”s genetic disposition will finally disappear.

(via Sun Gazing)

Just like any other dog, pit bulls are a product of the manner in which they”re raised. Any reputation they have gained over the years is due to irresponsible owners and has nothing to do with their doggy DNA. For more amazing videos of this smart pup, check out his YouTube page and help spread the word.