Watch What Happens When This Drone Gets Too Close To A Mom Kangaroo – Hilarious!

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If you know anything about kangaroos, you”d know better than to fly a drone too close to a momma and her little joeys. Though “roos are ridiculously cute, they”re also known to throw a notoriously good left hook, so you should ALWAYS use caution when admiring them in the wild, preferably from a safe distance.

A pair of “roos in the middle of a boxing match.

A pair of

Watch out!

This goes for drones, too. This person apparently wasn”t thinking when they flew their drone too close to some kangaroos. They definitely didn”t foresee the K.O. blow the animal would give to the invasive flying robot. As our tally has it after this match, kangaroo: 1, drone: 0.

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Take THAT, drone! That buzz of defeat at the end is priceless. Don”t mess with Momma “Roo again, or else!