When A Homeless Man Asked Her For Food, She Gave Him Something Even Better

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When a homeless man wandered into this restaurant one day asking for food, the business owner had a better idea. Why not give him a job so he’d never be hungry again?

He had a bunch of felonies under his belt and a drug addiction to boot, but instead of turning him away, the restaurant owner said that he could enjoy a meal after washing dishes for two hours. After that, something tremendous happened.

Not only did he last the full 2 hours, but after he was done, he ran outside to split the sandwich he got from the restaurant with another homeless person.

A friend of mine does something nice in her own way and now people are being negative about it. Come on people she did what she felt was right. You go mama don’t let negative minds put u down Cesi Abi

Posted by Coreisi Pamela on Friday, March 25, 2016

The woman in charge, pictured below, was so impressed by his behavior that she let him come back day after day to wash dishes and eat. The best part is that he’s now an official employee!

I’ll give this 100 days happy challenge ….might just last 30 mins but ill give it a shot lol

Posted by Cesi Abi on Friday, October 9, 2015

To help him deal with his addiction issues and get back on his feet, she told the man that she’d set 10 percent of each paycheck aside to teach him how to manage his money.

It’s amazing how one seemingly small act of kindness helped someone turn his entire life around. Thousands of people live with the harsh realities of homelessness every single day, and most of them just need a second chance. If we all approached charity the way that this restaurant owner just did, we could stop homelessness in its tracks.