Wonder Whatever Happened To Baby Emma From “Friends?” Here She Is Now!

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The recent “Friends” reunion on NBC had the original stars there for you (except for Matthew Perry).

But there was another cast member missing – Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma.

During the show’s final two seasons, baby Emma was played by identical twins Cali and Noelle Sheldon.  Now the girls are 13 years old and living life as normal teenagers – going to school and participating in sports and music while doing occasional acting gigs.

The Sheldon twins nabbed the “Friends” role when their mother read on a twin parenting blog how twins are in demand for film and TV jobs to reduce the demands on young actors.

The girls said they don’t remember anything about their experience on the show, but according to their parents the “Friends” cast was “really nice.”

As Chandler might say, “Could you be any more polite?”

The Sheldon twins played baby Emma on NBC’s Friends (BALLERINI COOLEY STUDIOS)

(via The Sun)




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